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I'm Baaaaaack

The terror that is Chibi has returned XDDDDDD
Soooo was I missed xP
I'm using my phone right now but, I will be getting my lappy top fixed shortly so yaay!!! I do have some wonderful news... I'm moving so the new school is springfield high ^^ they don't have Japanese but I will be learning German :333 I sooo excited!!! Well I will be going because I'm cleaning XP
Luv u guys

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Hi HI!
Chibi here,
So here are some updates you'll want to know....
I don't have the money for a name change so I'm going to get a new account and name it Chibi.Chan.Nyan. I'm not Hikari anymore I really never was it was just a pet-name everyone called me, I discovered that I'm more like a chibi than anything~ it was a rather funny discovery to xD.

Also, my laptop screen decided to almost pop off soooooo I can't use it until I get it fixed :/ fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

It's been good lately~ My dad's cat had five kittens one got hurt so mom is feeding it with a bottle and it's name is BooBoo. Lol, anyway it good I FAIL!!!!!!!!! My grades suck (Feel free to yell at me T.T) but, I'm getting them up by going to after school study time and doing better with paying attention~ I have Anime club after school on fridays now so that is awesome!!!! I might go to SakuraCon to ^^ YAY! My first con and I'll get to see Miyavi!

OK! These will happen soon and my laptop will get fixed~

Questions Answered!

So here is an interveiw my friend did of me for school xD We got an A+ on it suprisingly xDDDD It's about my writing style and cool stuff like that! trust me you'll know who talkiing ^^ Well at least for her school in Washingtion xDD I got extra credit! This was done over email because her parents don't like facebook :(


Hi ^^

I'm back again ^^
Lol, Im working on a new fic and I'm deciding if I should post it yet or not. I have one chapter done and that's about it... I think personally it sucks :/ but I might post it for outside opinion besides my family I swear I think thwy got something wrong with their brains! xD But I AM related to them ^^
Errmmmm yeah sorry for shortness of update xD


Hi everyone!
I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the long absents! I started school and quickly it became overwhelming!!!!!!!!
I'm very excited to be back though! My spelling may not have gotten better but, I think my puncuation has improved a little bit!!!!!!!!!! I've currently been writing a new story it's based off of my cosplay adventures and finding the person I truly want to be~ I think in the last few weeks I've grown up even if it's just a little bit! I recently (yesterday) broke up with someone who I've been with for 3 years... it has been kind of messed up since I moved,  he started acting weird distancing himself from everyone including me and I found out a few months ago he started wearing a sparkly cat coller, nail polish, and an angel feather earing that doesn't bother me but what made me really thing was when he called me a few weeks ago asking if he could date other guys while we were togather, I was for sure shocked. I didn't know what to say AND then he starts talking shit to MY MOM!!!! That pissed me off more than anything and THEN (sorry guys!) he decides to talk shit my best friends mom.. UGH! So he wants make up now again it doesn't bother me. So I gave it a whole bunch of thought and decided he needs some time to think and I wasn't a bitch about it or anything I was calm and sent him a message that basicly said you have some stuff to figure out and this isn't working out like you wanted sorry. He hasn't got it yet because I'm sure he lost his phone and I never see him becuase I live over 100 miles away now so yeah but, I didn't let out all my anger or anything. THERE NOW THE HAPPY NEWS!!!!!!!!!

I'm working on a stroy as I explained ^^ and I've been so much happier!
Well I has to go T-T
Love you guys,

HOLY CRAP!!! SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3

Yeah I am alive :3
I've been working on the first chappy of something heehee you would think it would be long becuase I've been working on ONE thing for weeks now nope... I've been taking the time to add some, take some, edit it, spell check, grammer check, and even redom the whole damn thing! At least I'm taking time on this :3. It won't be up for awhile though sorry .__."  for two reasons....

1. I'm still editing O.O I want it to be goood! I think some of my other one were OK but I'm in High School now (lol see reson 2) and I think I should step it up just a little
 2.  I do start school in TWO days so I've been scrambling to get ready blah! So errrm yeah xD.  So I might not post as often until I get stettled in  ^____^ 

So yeah I'm alive for now 
(is afraid of getting "eaten" by the older kids) 
 Heeeeeeheeeeeee errrmm so yeah.   I'm sharing a locker with my friend Jake because that what we put on our locker partner slips o.o~  What's cool about our lockers is that we have flags on our lockers so we won't forget which one is ours and if I can't get in "Ohhhhhh Jaaaaakkkkiiiiieeeeee"
It'll be fun I just don't like the older kids.... we met them already we thought they we going to kill us into lunch it was so bad Jake hid behind my back. 

Jake and I have a lot of the same classes so he and I are going to be defending each other alot or I'll be doing most of it ._____."  Jake is taller then me and such but they are more scared of me becuase they know I won't take their crap~

xD I should go now, I must now go


Sleep Tight Fatso...

I'll say that school registration is out of the way but........
Mom went to go get us some dinner and there was no cats outside but when she got back our kitten Fatso was in the driveway with my kitten Kyo. Kyo was nudging him trying to get his brother to wake up but he wouldn't move so mom freaked out and went over to him... he got hit by a car and the whole house just shut down. Mom was the worst though becuase she saved him at birth. I got bad enough that my god-uncle left becuase he couln't take it. I bawled my eyes out and went into breakdown mode which is my crying then thinking then asking why? then I discovered last night a my temper. So we burried Fatso and now mom and I are going to write on his little headstone so my dad can engrave it. These last weeks have been so hard on me so this really tore me up. I wouldn't eat or sleep all funtion just shut down.

You were everyone's favorite and Devlyn's best friend
You were calm no matter what You loved on everyone and for sure ate a bunch
I'll miss the nights that you would curl up on my head and purrrr the night away
I'll miss your meow and the way you just sat there as Devlyn played rough with you
I know your not in pain anymore so for that I'm greatful
So sleep tight buddy.

So I'm going to take a rest now


It really sucks sometimes but for me since about a week ago... my life has been hell.
School starts soon and I find out I can't take Japanese becuase of my poor skills in math so I have to take two math classes T-T BUT I can take it next year -___-'''''''. Summer has gone by waaaay to fast at least for me but anyways... School starts on the 7th so I guess that's an +1 for me.

I'm working on a wonderful little fic right now because I really need to start writing some more becuase hey it's fun ^^ and if I'm going to start school better get at the least 1 chapter before my insanity starts~
While I was working on it last night my dad said 30 minutes then bed time OK cool so I write a little bit then get on twitter and my email to check somethings then to YouTube becuase he took my m3player for me saying goodnight all sarcasticly (but what does he expect I'm 14 he bothered me while I was in the zone~) so I'm late about 5 minutes last night and he comes in and starts yelling at me then he take my computer and gets pisses because he checked my history and it said I was on Facebook except he had it on most viewed... then starts yelling at my mom about her being on facebook all day (NOT!!!!) so THEN he says "Take you fucking computer and go before I break it over my fucking knee"  So I took  it and ran into my room shut the door and told mom I was locking it~!  I've had no alone time only at night when Im supposed to be sleeping and I'm just getting really stressed out! I'll live (I hope o.o) but, I did have a funny thing happen before dad decided I played my psp to much >.> I was playing the Kingdom Hearts game I have and I was having issuse with a boss (Still am -_-) but I said this "GOD DAMN IT FUCKING DIE ALREADY!!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!" then my decided to walk in XDDDDD we both laughed about it. So I'm glad I left my little tale off on a happy ish note so I bid you all good day!
Laters hopefully with the first chapter!

La La La La La~ *spazz twitch* *headesk*

I went to the fair today and had so much fun :DDDDDDDD it was awesome xD I went on the wave swings about 3 times, also went on teh farris wheel and a few funhouses xDDDDDDDDDDDDD.
But we had lots of great times...
We were loooking at airbrush tattoos when I turn around there is a girl there with a Hatsune Miku plushie! So I asked her where she got it and WE FOUND THE MOST AMAZING BOOTH!! There was wallets, hats, plsuhies, CDs! So I spent 14 dollers on a CD I got Miyavi's Gagaku~ and then went back for a Hello Kitty hat XDD. Larku's AWAKE was there but I didn't get it becuase I had no more monies lolz XD~!!!!!!!!!!! But we had fun lolz~! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
I think I shall let Katie tell her tale now :3333333

..... O.o'....um there's really nothing left to tell... I went on the El Nino, the Haunted House (lame), the Wave Swings,the farris wheel, and some funhouses..... WHICH REMINDS ME OF A REALLY GOOD SONG CALLED FUNHOUSE BY P!NK!!!!.... I have ADHD..... I got a bleach soundtrack for Memoris of Nobody (awesome movie) and a Kingdom Hearts necklace (Roxas's necklace <3)Then we went to the movies and saw Pirates 4 (2nd time for me but I don't care it's an awesome movie!!!!!!) And right now we are sitting in Coral's room on our computers and i have Coral's hat on YAY!! ba bai pplz!! <3 <(")

Well then :3 lolz I hope you all enjoyed reading this but of insanity <3 lol

Byyyyeeesss for now. I is going to type the first chappie to something I'm writing :3

I'm growing up :O

According to my mom I'm growing up to fast for her....
I dye my hair
I have my own laptop
I've got my own phone
I even earn money
and today I opened the door to growing up a lot more...
I got permission to go to the county fair by myslef becuase my family doesn't have time to take me so this mean I have to get all my money togather, plan out the day, and get a friend to come (I don't wanna go all alone :3) and I also have to commicate with my mom while I'm there.
If I don't mess this up I will have proven I can
go shopping
to the pool
and other things like that by myself.
According to my Dad ...
I'm in High School, I earn money, and I'm 14. I need to be a normal 14 year old and go out with friends and have a good time NOT stay at home and watch my brother all day and night. So I'm happy becuase I'm gaining more but also kinda of sad becuase my childhood just seems to pass by everyday.  But no matter what I'll still act like a child not becuase I want to stay little but becuase it's my personallity I've always acted like a kid :)
Now that I have annouced that back to planning for my awesome day at the fair :33333



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