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It really sucks sometimes but for me since about a week ago... my life has been hell.
School starts soon and I find out I can't take Japanese becuase of my poor skills in math so I have to take two math classes T-T BUT I can take it next year -___-'''''''. Summer has gone by waaaay to fast at least for me but anyways... School starts on the 7th so I guess that's an +1 for me.

I'm working on a wonderful little fic right now because I really need to start writing some more becuase hey it's fun ^^ and if I'm going to start school better get at the least 1 chapter before my insanity starts~
While I was working on it last night my dad said 30 minutes then bed time OK cool so I write a little bit then get on twitter and my email to check somethings then to YouTube becuase he took my m3player for me saying goodnight all sarcasticly (but what does he expect I'm 14 he bothered me while I was in the zone~) so I'm late about 5 minutes last night and he comes in and starts yelling at me then he take my computer and gets pisses because he checked my history and it said I was on Facebook except he had it on most viewed... then starts yelling at my mom about her being on facebook all day (NOT!!!!) so THEN he says "Take you fucking computer and go before I break it over my fucking knee"  So I took  it and ran into my room shut the door and told mom I was locking it~!  I've had no alone time only at night when Im supposed to be sleeping and I'm just getting really stressed out! I'll live (I hope o.o) but, I did have a funny thing happen before dad decided I played my psp to much >.> I was playing the Kingdom Hearts game I have and I was having issuse with a boss (Still am -_-) but I said this "GOD DAMN IT FUCKING DIE ALREADY!!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!" then my decided to walk in XDDDDD we both laughed about it. So I'm glad I left my little tale off on a happy ish note so I bid you all good day!
Laters hopefully with the first chapter!