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Sleep Tight Fatso...

I'll say that school registration is out of the way but........
Mom went to go get us some dinner and there was no cats outside but when she got back our kitten Fatso was in the driveway with my kitten Kyo. Kyo was nudging him trying to get his brother to wake up but he wouldn't move so mom freaked out and went over to him... he got hit by a car and the whole house just shut down. Mom was the worst though becuase she saved him at birth. I got bad enough that my god-uncle left becuase he couln't take it. I bawled my eyes out and went into breakdown mode which is my crying then thinking then asking why? then I discovered last night a my temper. So we burried Fatso and now mom and I are going to write on his little headstone so my dad can engrave it. These last weeks have been so hard on me so this really tore me up. I wouldn't eat or sleep all funtion just shut down.

You were everyone's favorite and Devlyn's best friend
You were calm no matter what You loved on everyone and for sure ate a bunch
I'll miss the nights that you would curl up on my head and purrrr the night away
I'll miss your meow and the way you just sat there as Devlyn played rough with you
I know your not in pain anymore so for that I'm greatful
So sleep tight buddy.

So I'm going to take a rest now