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HOLY CRAP!!! SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! x3

Yeah I am alive :3
I've been working on the first chappy of something heehee you would think it would be long becuase I've been working on ONE thing for weeks now nope... I've been taking the time to add some, take some, edit it, spell check, grammer check, and even redom the whole damn thing! At least I'm taking time on this :3. It won't be up for awhile though sorry .__."  for two reasons....

1. I'm still editing O.O I want it to be goood! I think some of my other one were OK but I'm in High School now (lol see reson 2) and I think I should step it up just a little
 2.  I do start school in TWO days so I've been scrambling to get ready blah! So errrm yeah xD.  So I might not post as often until I get stettled in  ^____^ 

So yeah I'm alive for now 
(is afraid of getting "eaten" by the older kids) 
 Heeeeeeheeeeeee errrmm so yeah.   I'm sharing a locker with my friend Jake because that what we put on our locker partner slips o.o~  What's cool about our lockers is that we have flags on our lockers so we won't forget which one is ours and if I can't get in "Ohhhhhh Jaaaaakkkkiiiiieeeeee"
It'll be fun I just don't like the older kids.... we met them already we thought they we going to kill us into lunch it was so bad Jake hid behind my back. 

Jake and I have a lot of the same classes so he and I are going to be defending each other alot or I'll be doing most of it ._____."  Jake is taller then me and such but they are more scared of me becuase they know I won't take their crap~

xD I should go now, I must now go