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Hi everyone!
I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the long absents! I started school and quickly it became overwhelming!!!!!!!!
I'm very excited to be back though! My spelling may not have gotten better but, I think my puncuation has improved a little bit!!!!!!!!!! I've currently been writing a new story it's based off of my cosplay adventures and finding the person I truly want to be~ I think in the last few weeks I've grown up even if it's just a little bit! I recently (yesterday) broke up with someone who I've been with for 3 years... it has been kind of messed up since I moved,  he started acting weird distancing himself from everyone including me and I found out a few months ago he started wearing a sparkly cat coller, nail polish, and an angel feather earing that doesn't bother me but what made me really thing was when he called me a few weeks ago asking if he could date other guys while we were togather, I was for sure shocked. I didn't know what to say AND then he starts talking shit to MY MOM!!!! That pissed me off more than anything and THEN (sorry guys!) he decides to talk shit my best friends mom.. UGH! So he wants make up now again it doesn't bother me. So I gave it a whole bunch of thought and decided he needs some time to think and I wasn't a bitch about it or anything I was calm and sent him a message that basicly said you have some stuff to figure out and this isn't working out like you wanted sorry. He hasn't got it yet because I'm sure he lost his phone and I never see him becuase I live over 100 miles away now so yeah but, I didn't let out all my anger or anything. THERE NOW THE HAPPY NEWS!!!!!!!!!

I'm working on a stroy as I explained ^^ and I've been so much happier!
Well I has to go T-T
Love you guys,