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Even in death

OK here it is! :DDDDD Something I've been working on for about a hour or so. I hope you all like it :D



*hide's behind pillow*


Thanks for being so tollarble of my absence!Collapse )

Mango's, Miyavi, and Hair Dye.

So my sister and I were up really fxxking late and she thought I was a damn chicken covered in mango  -____-" I swear she's high after two am o.o. What's odd is that she didn't know what a mango looked like. XDDDDDDDDD I is also havin fun before school maybe.
My momma wanted to know if I wanted to go to any concerts this year and I was like
"HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
So we looked up and none of them were in Portland me = sad T-T so I was like MIYAVI!!!!!!!!
so my Mommy the bestest mommah evah and I looked and saw this
23/10/2011 Portland Or Hawthorne Theatre.
Me= Happy
'FXXK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
This of course is 3 months or so if Im correct from now and mom says I can go if I get the money!!!!! XD I get 10 dollers a week so I should have enough rite? XDDDDDDDDDD GAH!!! I ISH SO HAPPPEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn I gotta calm down o.O lolz
I just don't know who I'm gonna go with XD Mom might go, Dad says blah for now, my sister's dad said hell no becuase he doesn't want her to be "brainwashed" like me ^^ lol but on to Hair dye. I want to dye my hair again this time a few colors got any idea's?
Thanks for reading my stupidness XDDDDDDDDDDD
Love you guys

I'm a Happy Mover

I moved into a different room today and we painted it Hawaiian sky blue and we are cutting out clouds outta wood and painting them white xD I know it seems like a little kids room but my child-like-ness make me the person I am ^^ my mom is using that paint that makes the wall a chalkbored so I can write my qoute of the day and my kanji of the day yaaaay~! On the clouds I'm going to paste song lyrics on those  I'll be living in the sky now :D  I of course I'll still be living in the basement because I lurk in darkness waiting for the next chance to pounce on any unsuspecting friends and family :D  :D :D. I just agreed with my sister to paint a sun in the corner of my room o.O well.... But I'll print out pictures of my favorite artists or get some posters so it doesn't seem entirely like a six year olds room heehee I love acting little.

So my life's been on hold for awhile between my famliy and life it self.
But I'm doing a lot better besides my dad saying he's going to make someone who recrutes the modles for Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and ship me off.
"But you would be sooo cute in that style!"
"Well then Daddy, if you think I'll look cute in that you can spend the money to buy it for me :3"
That got him to shut up hahahahaha.

I also like cheese and pie and pocky and ham...
I wish I could fly and cast magic sometimes.... (it only happens in my dreams T-T)
and it's alright that I act like a little kid right?


Update Time ^^~!

OK so I'm alive ^^ but somethings need to be updated.

I ish alive :3Collapse )




Gomen ne,
Sorry I haven't posted lately D: I've been cramming all my missing work in lately <.< my grades suck and most likely I'll be attending summer school... but whatever it's better than being held back o.o. So... Chibi Mania is part 2 is almost done~! So yeah sorry guys and I'm busy with Grad ^^ and cramming.. so much cramming my  head hurts and I've lost my mp3player T-T SO BACKT TO CRAMMING!!!!! :D :D :D D:D :D D:D D:D D:

Errmmm... I have no words really

Charaters - hide and I
Rating - Let's say PG-13 just to be safe
Summery - I find a chibi hide in my trash and we go on silly little adventures.

Read if would like to knowCollapse )

So the crack will happen tomarrow because my wrist and head really hurt ><!
 Alright feel free to steal this from me ^^
1. Put your music player on suffle
2. Take 10 songs and write a short blurb on how they make you feel.
3. Have fun :3

Read if want to!!! :3Collapse )

Sorry for wasting peoples time *bows*
1. I will not refer to myself as "Hikari the Great"
2. I am not allowed to do stage dives to entertain the fans
3. I am no longer allowed to run around in ANY of my PV outfits and ask if you would give  me 5 dollers
4. I will not sing "The happy happy joy joy song" to annoy my bandmates
5. STFU! Is not  an appropiate way to end an argument.
6. I am no longer to lead my Drummer around on a leash. Even he askes me to.
7. When we are tour and I don't want anyone cuddling with me, placing my guitar next to me is not allowed.
8. I will not sell my bandmates even if I promise to give them half the money!
9. I am no longer allowed to pass out pocky to my guitarists even if it makes them hyper for LIVES
10. Spiking my Bass players water with any kind of energy pill even if she needs it will not be tollerated.
11. I will NOT use a flamethrower as a stage prop even if I think it's cool and will excite the fans
12. Yes I can act hyper like hide, no I am not allowed to do stupid things like hide.
13. Thirteen can be my lucky number but I can't say I will not preform because it's friday the 13th
15. Running around in Gackt cosplay does NOT make me Gackt.
16. I will refer to no one as "short" just because I'm wearing platforms
17. I will not act like Kyo even if I'm pissed off.
18. I am no longer allowed to "forget" to take my meds.
19. I will NOT filp the fans off and say "But, that's the way I say I love you"
20. I am not allowed to pass out popcorn when Leader-sama has a hissy fit
21. When Leader-sama askes me to fetch her phone, I will not put it in my mouth and drop it in her hands
22. I am ABOSOLUTELY AM NOT allowed to plant water ballons filled with grape soda in my bandmates beds.
23. I will no longer drag people by their ears and thow them into A suitcase to save on travel expences.
24. When I bring my friends on tour I am no loger allowed to tie the men to the roof.
25. When I ask someone for money I must repay them ASAP.
26. Nyaaannnnnn is not allowed to be an answer for a question
27. When I bring my boyfriend on tour I WILL NOT KICK  MY DRUMMER OUT OF HIS BEAD.
28. Kawaii desu ka...? Is not allowed to be the motto of my life.
29. Rahhh is not being kyo and I wikk not be put into a strait jacket
30. we can not shoot a pv underwhater



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